Thursday, February 12, 2009

I. - Katie Anello

All the time we spent
turned into thoughts that you repent.
Feeling things that once had disappeared
to only come back and make you fear.
With what was new, exciting and honest.

But getting ahead of the race.
Something one cannot retrace.
Steps taken and want returned.
It will take a long time before you learn
that what we have will never be erased.
Forever this will exist.

Time will only tell where I stand in this race
against people of your past and present.
The conscious can play many tricks.
Our heart the control center.
I hope you get better.

Under the dictionaries definition of fate reads 'us'.
Just the best of friends for now is not enough.
I hope your heart heals
from the damage that has been brought upon you
so you can be true.
I know you see this.
I know you feel this too.
and I hope you get better
so we can be better.

I normally never write, but I have found it to be a good release for me. And it makes me clear my mind no matter how much I feel that my head is about to explode. (Just in time for valentine's day too huh? Great timing, I know.)

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