Monday, February 9, 2009

candy hearts- Joey Puleio

jump, flinch
cut from the razor

a wild free fall
glowing with glee - landing 
burns from the embers before they fade

a heart pumps to move blood
catch phrase compressed colored sugar- professing its love to paste on smiles.
just another day.

walls won't grow on their own,
hills only fade when they're out of sight.
anxious young couples retreating to back-seats, basements, and bedrooms
together, blissfully oblivious in search of a
sensation they believe will last.

radiant glowing youth
end up fused to the couch on the same day in February- 40  years passed 
authentic bullshit being ordered through tele-charge to change your life.
lovely is this hole;

But to plummet to the bottom before at least dancing around the edge is a waste of time. 

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