Saturday, February 14, 2009

just some art of mine


  1. I commented this earlier, idk why it's not showing up for me. But, I just wanted to say the like 5th one down, that bubble heart, if it covered a room would be the most insane wall paper design (in a good way).

  2. holy shit I'm loving this. Must have been so much fun to make these, circles are the best thing to draw. Amazing dude.

  3. ooooooo these are awesome. i especially enjoy the gasmask guy and the last picture but i doo love all of them. oh and i really like the second to last one too.. bravo

  4. actually i lied i especially love them all.

  5. to greg, i have to say ive never noticed the heart in that painting before haha and you are the first person to point it out to me
    that painting took me 9 months i used only paint that i had left over on my plate from what ever other painting i was doing at the time and that is what i left it as and am pretty happy with it

    and thank you to everyone for enjoying these
    everything was so much to do
    ill be posting alot more

    and if any one would like to buy any thing be my guest and just let me know and we'll talk price and such