Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happyness over everything else

If it came down for me to be happy. Than yeah i rather be happy than a bitter individual. I dont think people get it though. For me just holding doors for any makes me happy. Any nice gesture makes me happy. I don't really know anything else. When I'm mad i cant be mad for more than a minute. But if you complain about something and do it. I think once i graduate from SJU as a mult- unique individual doing things never thought that could be done. Being mad real, showing the passion i always do at anything I do. I think every since I started taking my new medcine for epilepsy it made me more hungry individual and driven one. Also doesn't everyone make mistakes life a circus so forgive and forget. I rather make mistakes while im in college than go out in the real world and get screwed over. Life a bag a chips you can take that bag of chips and eat it or you can share those bag a chips with individuals that have the same commitment,passion, love, dedication, vision you have.

That why i dont ever want to be apart of just one frat or organization. It's just going to make me have a better resume. Still looking at my options. Plus I'm the only child so the more involve I'am it makes me happy. No offense to any organization or frat I plan on joining. If it was about being diverse and being something your not. Than ok kool. But rules are so definately going to be broken. Everything ends in your heart all the names all the organization still end up in your heart. So why not 2009. I'm changing the history and I'm going to rewrite everything because who ever tells me I can't do things the though the back door is screwing with you. Statistically people die everyday rather be remember by the world than hundreds of people as a role model, leader, visionary, and having love and the passion for what you do best Achieve greatness. History books are going to change Im changing my own path.

True words by a real person
Chuck Daddy

Respect the game not the hustle. Think about for a second. My resume comparing to you. You eat people up and spit them bak out. The ones you love are your friends and the ones you spit out are your haters

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