Monday, February 9, 2009

Belive in yourself

Believe in yourself. Everyday I walk to school I don't see anyone smiling (well the majority of people) and when I do It basically my friends. I have a speech inpediment and have epilepsy does it matter to me. Not one bit.I think in my school people should be more vocal. Be able to express yourself. Noone is going to give to cents if you don't say anything. I learn that from the first day I walked in SJU. Until the last day I walk out of SJU. I'm going to be the positive me and if my positiveness doesnt get out too you. Well your just being immature and uncertain of yourself. Writing is my passion. But always go for your dreams. That why I made a movement on Facebook for my university Champion Alliance Entertainment. I'm a Entertainer, im a leader and a visionary. I grew up fast I have my life struggles. But we all do so talk about your life noone is going to judge you.

True Words From Chuck Daddy

1 comment:

  1. I will smile :)
    Maybe it will cause other people to smile as well.
    Keep smiling :)