Tuesday, February 10, 2009

20 years poem

20 years
oh wow
I learn alot
Read alot
Took alot
Peoples lies
rumors about people
Cold hearted individuals
That just mess with your heads
Mess with weak individuals
I wish upon a star
To be greater than these porn stars
I wish in 20 yrs later
That I'll dine with 2pac and Adolf Hitler
You say Hitler was a bad guy
In his life span he was a evil visionary
Imagine if he was here today
Imagine all the crimes
The hate he would of caused
Imagine that all political figures
Came back
Than people would all just hate
People would hate
For all the wrong reasons
Still hate still lives on
In everybody
I hate the word hate
So much
I rather die knowing
I only hated myself
Hated all my problems
Hated my life
Hated all the times
I was picked on
Hated all the scars
On my whole body
Hated just everything in general
But than again that just life
Lives move on so fast
hating just a waste
Envy n Greed kills pure hearted souls
Money corrupts the soul
Positive things keep me at peace

True Words from a true person
Chuck Daddy

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