Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Also making a coloring book. Here's a page!

Art is fun. But not everyone tries to be creative because if it doesn't give social gratification, then it's not that much fun to them. I always liked when people I didn't know draw actually like, draw. But they don't show anyone. It shows that art isn't just a social thing, and that you can have fun doing it without showing it off.

But hey, imagine if your favorite musician never showed his songs? What if one of those really lo-fi sounding bands that seems really shitty upon first glance but then you get really into it for some reason but nobody else likes it didn't show his music to anyone. My drawing teacher was in love with the only project of mine that I didn't like. I don't really give a credit to what taste says.

Anyway, making coloring books for people is so much fun because it gives the people who don't put the effort into being creative a little boost. And coloring is fun! I'd love to make more coloring things. I really wanna make a big one then like, make lots of copies of it.