Wednesday, February 18, 2009

im in dire need of caffeine.

This is a photo of my best friend from when I went to visit her last spring in Virginia. I just got around to processing the film and scanning the negatives the other day. Thought I'd put it up. It's one of those images that I really like, but don't really think would go over all that well in class/I don't have the balls to bring it in.

Does anyone know a better way to upload photos so they don't look so shitty? I guess I could upload them onto my web space, but honestly I'm not sure how to do that.


  1. This looks like it should be an ad for some college brochure (this is meant as a compliment as I think it looks really professional, great lighting).

  2. haha thank you for clarifying, cause usually when us photo kids are told it looks like a brochure ad, we get sad.

  3. everytime i scroll past this picture i feel something. im not sure what it is but thats what art does to you right? it's a fantastic picture and i love it

    p.s. i can see the brochure ad thing but that's not all it looks like. its an amazing candid photograph, you captured the feeling and emotion and all of that perfectly. be proud not sad