Thursday, February 19, 2009

counter-clockwise lies

This is just some old poem I still have from Dec. '05.

They do love you.
So do I.
I don't want to be here with the chance of this nightmare becoming reality.
This morning I thought about dying.
You are my light in the dark,
without you I would be nothing.
I wish you could hear them talk about you the way they do,
but you only hear when they scold.
I wish I could fix everything and make it okay.
But it's hard when i cannot read what you're thinking.
I believe that what you think is wrong,
but the truth is that I do not think; I know.
And when I look,
I see that there is an angel and a demon in every one of our souls,
but when I look at you,
sometimes all I can see is the angel.
Yesterday, I looked through your dresser and could not find your wings,
and there is no God, this is something else I know,
but this morning I woke up trembling,
and I prayed,
Although I do not know to who,
that the absence of wings does not signify a presence of evil,
Because this morning I realized dependency,
and I believe that it is best that i know not how to end a thing.

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