Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my displeasure-dan Piampiano

as i walk down the street,
i can see all the waves of gray,
I'm the only sound mind,
and I challenge the shade of the day,
most people won't even notice,
my flawless sense of trash,
but as I walk to you're fire,
I feel my soles turn into ash.

So you cant blame me for wanting this,
its not my fault,
you were the one that missed out,
and I guess I'm responsible,
its not that Im better than you,
Im just better than this,
I appear to be the only one true,
only one who exists.
but its all in vain,
all in vain,
for you

now I'm at the gala,
and my suits pressed and finely trimmed,
it covers me with cotton security,
and deep shade of grim,
if it were the real me,
i'd choose to be completely bare,
but i have to keep up with the image i started,
have to keep up for fear of being departed,
gotta keep up for all the fans I collect in my head,
but its all in vain,
yea its all in vain,
just for you.

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