Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i really lack any sufficient amount of creative talent, but i do really enjoy reading other peoples' thoughts and i have a large collection of quotes, so i'll post this one. i "stumbledupon" the website, which is a collection of a girl's projects and i found this somewhere in there.

"I used to think that after you died you would get to see yourself through the eyes of everyone you had ever interacted with, and that depending on your behavior, this could be heaven or hell."


  1. So weird, I've actually been thinking about this a lot lately. How everyone is just these shells that we see and we project our judgements onto what we assume are their intentions and inner workings and shit. Anyway, this quote really reminds me of that and I really think is a great way to live in a way, like a good motivator to live as a good person.

  2. It's mindblowing when you assume one person's intentions and even character based on those intentions and later on find out they were so different. Like, everything you think and do is based on your current emotion, but even the personality you apply to that "shell" is based on what you feel.