Thursday, February 12, 2009

I pledge alliance to Red Storm nation

I pledge allegiance to the red storm universe
That i will never turn my back on my team
To stop the being about me
To be about the team
The one skool
The one hope
The One dream
The one goal
That only a few can bring to this skool
The nation of the red strom
Will run things one day
To see red
To see the storm
The thunder
The lighting
The red sky
Under one school
That stands for Vincentian, Metopolitan and Catholic University
I pledge never give up
Never surrender
I pledge I will not quit
In the classroom, as a fan, as a student

True words from Chuck Daddy
Take this read it and copy
Than only only than your realize the truth
I hate when people label someone the new face and that new face thinks he is a star. I listen to T.I. "make sure the fame doesnt go to my head"- T.I. One day your here than the next your not, so stay humble.

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