Thursday, February 24, 2011

3D Movies

Some of them are necessary
Others are not like the Justin Bieber and Step it up 3d
why do the y have movies of silly stuff
one dances in 3 d lights or something
one just on the stage singing and fireworks pop up
I rather see Pirate of the Caribbean because that cool
It has cool fighting scenes
It has swords flying
i watch Tron great movie in 3d
I don't mind having some in 2d but it was worth $13
If they make every movie they taking a lot of money of peoples pockets to make a profit
Just go watch it if it is important Like tron
It would of been cool if Inception was 3D

that my opinion
my words not millions
Just one voice
Superstar Chuck Daddy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Working Title?- Timy Plurrazelo

My feet would have to talk for me,
for my mouth was to scared too move.
How could i conjure enough guts
just to even look at you. Such a
foreign feelings conquered me,
stitched a smile across my face.
Until this fear i've grown acquainted with
came and put me in my place.

I spent the last 6 days in a constant dream,
wishing it would stick with me, like a pety
prayer for peace locked in my grips without
relief. I turned a stranger into company, filling
voids deeper than graves. Your tales take
refuge in my veins, flowing through me like
the plague. Wish you'd relate to what i feel
and not so much with what i say.

Though i know well enough these thoughts
will go to waste, the urge to weave my dreams
to paper take me over every day. So i'll take
a far step back to counteract all the indecisive
pride, and try to focus on your heart, and not
so hard into your eyes. Construct a friendship
worth a lasting bond, than mold it into trust.
Swing at that wall you built around yourself
until your flooded in with love.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

world, you're so quick to judge, yet so easily fooled.

pure to the world
but the truth is anything but white
anything but clean
even before the introduction of the simplest of substances.

please, please keep judging me
it feeds my laughter
fuels amusement.
you know nothing.
i sit here
with a clean nose
i sit here with a clean lung
i have never felt so dirty..
drowning in flashbacks
drowning in blood, sweat, bare flesh
rips, cuts, bruises, screams
choking on screams.

tears dance on a rosy dance floor
tears dance, tears laugh in abundance
until they hit the ground
splat splash splat
their laughter abandoned them..
or was it stolen?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GRR- Timy Plurrazzelo

today is different
the difference is defined in this smoking gun.
Face first
you decreased into the good lords earth.
I witnessed such
a change in your eyes.
As the
led slugs slivered so swiftly into your spine.
The cold
resentment i once held to you,
is something i have grown
accustomed too.
Your lively
vessel now a lurking thought,
of something i must learn
to never love.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

new art

one sculpture, two oil paintings, one drawing.

fire island

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nature Pictures in SJU

Some Nature Pictures from my St. John's University experience. I was bored so I just happen to take these pictures

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind

Yesterday at Tulip Fest in downtown Albany Third Eye Blind performed. Not only are they my favorite band (and I'm not just saying that to be one of those OMG!! little fan girls, they really are) but I was pretty much front row, and I got this great shot.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my life at SJU

Its a great life in this university
Do I love or hate this university
Im so in between
At times there are good moments
At times there a not so good moments
People hardly talk to you
Hardly just saying hi
Is simple and how are you doing
This semester went so fast
I cant believe it
I had alot of many good memories here
Some of them were fun
Some were just very immature
You Grow from those moments
You might not every forget
Why should you life goes on
I just cant wait until this last week of being in SJU is over
I get to see my sweepstakes gear
im so going to be happy
I get to see my cousin and chill with some friends
Im ready to just get out of here

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Salt - a short story

She is going to die here. Don’t you see? DON’T YOU SEE? You are blind. I can’t breathe. Can you feel it? Can you taste it? I can. Salt. I can’t breathe. No air. Just salt and water. Metal and blood. My eyes burn. It’s so cold. Feeling's gone. So numb. I can see it all. Can you see it? Blind. That’s what at you are! That’s what you are.

It wasn’t my fault. I was just leaving and he wanted more. No. Not more--all of it. It wasn’t my fault. Its not my fault I’m stuck here like this, hiding inside myself. She hides in me. Its not my fault. Do you believe me? Maybe it would have been different. Can we kill him? Lets pick him apart limb from limb, feed them to him. I think we can. No, I don’t think we can, I know we can. Will you help me? Please help me. This will help. Closure. Please help me. Nobody can get me. Nobody can see me or hear me. No body knows where I am. I’m alone with the fishes. Alone with the monsters. These monsters aren’t nearly as scary as the ones I’m away from.

Damaged goods. It’s this fucking disease! He gave me this disease. He graced me with this disease that will never leave. I could get help, but I’m stuck under water. Maybe I should introduce you to him. You can see for yourself in his swagger. You can witness how one person could disease another and simply go on living. No guilt. No regret. No punishment. Nothing. For me? What do I have the pleaseure of living with? There is no land of dreams for me to run away to, no deep slumber. There is no medicine to rid it of my body, no weapon to extinguish it. There will never come a time when i can chop off its head and watch it squirm around, thrashing aimlessly screeching in pain. It's a disease. A disease he gave me and got away with. A disease that will only die when i do. I’m underwater and I am diseased. Maybe the fish can help me. Maybe the monsters can help me.

I’m suffocating. The poison's ever continuous journey slows to the rate of my barely beating heart. Painful. It’s no big deal. It’s un-just is all. It’s hard to live knowing that I could be responsible for so many diseased. Guilty. I was scared! It’s not my fault. I was ignorant and innocent and scared. When the poison starts it's course there is no stopping it. It’s never stopped. Stealing my breath, inhabiting my body, pumping out my heart, coursing through my veins. It enters and exits every cell, every fiber of my being, whispers a soft reminder. My brain was like a sponge, thirstily sucking up every drip-drop, oblivious. My brain absorbed every word. Every sight. If it wasn’t so spongy then maybe there could have been some hope for this waste of a life. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't have been tricked so easily. If I wasn’t so scared. If I wasn’t so young. If my brain just wasn’t so damn spongy! Now it’s a rock. Set in stone. Guilt. That distinct taste of poison. I've tried everything to get that awful taste off my tongue. Gum, peppermint, peanut butter.. not even the alcohol could burn it off. A mouthful of blood helped get me to sleep, kill the demons inside for a short while. The tear of flesh, remnants clinging to the jagged edge, the immediate rush of boiling liquid oozing out from inside of me. The birth of addiction.

Do you think someone will find me before it’s too late? The truth is, i feel much cooler now that i've isolated myself from you fucking people. I like it down here, floating. It’s nice, just too much time to think. Time to remember. Isolated. Out of reach of the world and it's infinite triggers. Suffocating. It was hard to breathe then too. No one can touch me. I’m simply isolated from anything and everything. I have time to think about what it was like before my innocence was torn from me, an untouched photo album in my mind.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Learn alot Today

Learn how to be me.
Without the whole fantasy gimmicks
Without the jokes
Love community service
Its fun
I went to the Chaplin home today
It was very fun
Did something that was for a good cause
That why I was tired
But tomorrow is going to be the same thing
Another Stress buster event
I'm so happy this is a tour I love this lifestyle
THe life style I wanted
Unwreckless one that only I can handle
If we where to reverse the roles you would be stuck
Stuck in the same mess you put yourself
I love my life style and noone can live it
But Me, Myself and I
Yes I did refer myself in 3rd person
I think its just me being cool
I dont act cool because it all natural
Like hitting a baseball with a baseball bat
Or even scoring a jumpshot
Or even just walking and posing like a model

Love me or Hate me
Hate my style
Hate my words
But you cant because I'm doing my thing
You are just idolizing me
Cocky no
Confident Yes
True words from a true person

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Untitled- Timy Plurrazzelo

Its taken 17 years,
just to piece together peace
i've endured too many arguments
i've conquered a thousand demons through
my speach, and the hardest sound to filter out
is the sound of your voice torn, between the loving
voice of sanity and the fearful hymn of scorn.
The prime perspective in your partial hate,
is nothing to be looked upon. The echoes in your
ears have produced puddles in the driest of storms.
The drought of my feelings has left me crippled in this
aging life, the trite conditions fall upon my soul each time
i meet those eyes. It boils down to situations, past and present
hate. I try to build you up with pride, but that forms to nothing but
mistakes. And i'll apologize to you, i sware on everything i know.
I try to keep myself inline, but fall out too quickly from the twist
and turns. I wish to thank you sometime soon, for every line you
have inspired, though you must hate this loving game, we play till
death for it is what we will ever know.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Brian Farkas's Driveway

I haven't drawn since I stopped smoking, so yesterday I drew, and here's my first non-high drawing in so long.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wow how popular corrupts people

Being popular shouldn't matter in this school
I rather be really nice
Than be popular
People are going to be themselves
Either selfish or not
I rather build a network
Than just not
People dont know you until you talk to them
Even if so there always going to convince you
Really people are always going to be about themselves
Others are going to network with other people
Well I rather make sure that I dont make fun of people
They could be your CEO in the future
That would be funny if I was someones CEO in SJU
That would suck
I making sure that doesnt happen

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mr. America - Timy Plurrazzelo

Between the sainted stars and stripes

occurs and endless aching fight

i pledged allegiance to the falsities you bred

with your ten ton steps you strike

beneath the soil lays our pride

buried underneath the conscious states of mind

Red blood boils in my thoughts

blue ribbons crease my train of thought

the white light gleams into my window

from the east. Now soldiers statued from

the sound, as blaring bullets stain the ground,

the infidels present such evil through the siege.

Mr. America what do you say to thee

As the children spread out from the hail

of danger waving past your face, cant you relate?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Live From the Great Room 3/19/09

I recorded 5 songs real quick on my mom's laptop. Just live videos of me playing songs I've been playing lately. I got'm all up at

Here's one if you wanna get a taste, they're all pretty weird:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

random stuff from Chuck Daddy St. Patty's parade and life in general

Crazy how people live for the moment. It really great. I live every moment of my life. Life is to short to be uptight pissed off. I smile walk off and laugh because its funny. But anyway went to the St. Patty's day parade in NyC the greatest city in the world. I said it, now what. I'm bad. Dont we love the haters though. Its how you think about it though. Some people stop the show just cuz they want ur fan base. Not like I have a fan base and no I never ever step and played basketball on the court. Niggas be tripping like i know how to play. Back to the story its great when you see the people in the parade is like your birthday. Remember it grab everything. natural born entertainer. WHy do you ask because I want to make you life make you comfortable I can't do it all by myself damn nigga. If i could i would work miracles I dont do that at all. Seriously why do u want me to walk in this parade and yes i did skip class because i had a pass and i was happy as fuk. I was super happy.I skip skool to boast up my resume. I would do it again. If i had a chance. Well no i am I dont give a fuk. I would do it again when Im alumani and just break something. I acted like myself. Loud very annoying basically like i am. I'm about to be out. Total request live my ass.It called catch CHUCK DADDY if you can. You can't because im very unpredictable when it comes to skool fuk it. Fuk it everyone knows each other because of rumors word of mouth reading peoples Notes so fuk it.

True words fro a real person

Charles "Chuck Daddy" Onyeani

Excuse my language THE END

hobo island (jimbos)