Tuesday, March 3, 2009

walking the way they want- Joey Puleio

teachers preaching lullabies
into a sleeping sea of minds.
my head feels light- my eyes are wide
constructing mazes in the tile lines
to myself...
sometimes i think they just cant see,
they've got a life laid out in front of them,
and no room to breath
with surround sound growls, big screen tv's
just to ignore those autumn leaves.
just open your eyes and look around
one by one our cards are delt...
we're candles on a conveyor belt
to burn
and melt
and bound us on this path
while we flood our minds with questions we wont ask...
some times i think they just wont leave
leave me alone inside my head so i can sleep,
so i can see
colors flowing
till i open up my eyes and look around...


  1. I hate when I get waxed down to the ground. It's nice to explore new paths. And I always do those tile mazes aha