Monday, March 16, 2009

something i can't shake- Timy Plurrazzelo

I watched you move so loose
my eyes were stuck to you
you never love me back
i never got that part

The twilight moon ate you
the sky admired all of your attributes
i soaked in your smile from the shaky streets
the whole ride home, sometimes i wonder what
you do alone, too many demons haunt your telephone
i die the second i look into your eyes
i fret upon the day i will say my goodbyes

Wont you let me grasp those hands some days
your fists they fidget from my paper palms
i really feel it when i talk to you
I fear i'll never fine another one like you

Your crinkled freckles bleach your pale white mask
the city blues have got the best of you
your hair is comforting the bathroom floor
you tell me how your heart cannot take this strain anymore.
relax your iron jaw, i hope i realize what to say to you,
too scare i'll never find another one like you.

Each separate ballad on a wrinkled napkin
tucked & swallowed in my black hole pockets
my trembling thumbs cant match the telephone dial
you leave me anxious and my bones can't seem to shake it

So when the backseat swallows us
the aching words have aged to ancient dust
your fingers sneak there way back to my palms
As you drift through dreams on the long ride home.
So now the feelings rips my chest up so damn bad
I love the thought of how you keep me from my dreams
don't get to weary when i say this too you
I hope somehow I'll find another one like you.

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