Friday, March 6, 2009

Chuck Daddy's Life

Whether its being a positive influence to kids
Which I love so dearly
I guess im always going to be a role model
When I do speak up
People get shocked
But really why should you
Life is about speaking out
I'm probably never going to be in the spot light
Like others dream of
I believe if i was ever in that spot light
That one moment
I'll make the best of the sitiuation
Never shyed away from being in the spotlight
It something I would always say I loved
Whether its performing for my old Special Winning Attitude Demonstration Team
Making my own music form for my tae kwon do
I loved ever second of it
I learned even not being in the spot light
The drama that happens when you know you have a voice
Gets to people
Life is so short
To not take a risk
I took on alot of risks in my life
Plenty of them i loved
Some I hated
But at least I tried my best
I served myself a plate of positivity, confidence and desire
Whether individuals hate it or not
I'm always going to be that kid
That going to have a smile
Make a name for myself in a positive way
Even if at times i vent and say things that people
Dont like
Like words spoken word
Its a reality that you do have to take a change to be the very best
Even if it means telling people the truth whether
They like it or not
Being treated unfairly
Was never something I would let anyone want to do
Living life dealing with peoples situations
From being everything I could every dream of
To be doing community service events
Gives and provides me as a role model to others
Love me or hate me it doesnt matter
I'm a goon with a passion
To be what I can be
To make my life better than yours
Is so my goal
My life style is so different than yours
You wouldnt imagine
I always willing to talk about it
Life a bag of chips
You eat it up
Soak things up
Analysis the situation
Take notes
Make it better
Make a name for yourself as a role model
Not superstar
People have to know that
People with more goals and ambitions than you
Will acheive the highest dreams and goals
Than you can ever imagine
So take analysis a song
See if it works
If it connects to you than keep doing it
If you need help seek it before its too late

True words from a real person and keeping it real
Chuck Daddy

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