Sunday, March 1, 2009

SJU Movement

Its been along time

Make a Movement Blog

But Your boy Chuck Daddy is bak

To tell you about his weekend

At my favorite School SJU
This weekend i saw Street Fighter

Also saw Tyler Perry's MADE

They were good movies

Went to the Pink Zone

Saw Jennie Finch

Olypic Gold Medalist

This movement won't stop

Also I'm still not done with my resume

Also saw John Rockband

They peform too

Went to the Lax Game and we won

Against G-town because they are clowns

Had a faboluos weekend by the way

Made my SYGU poster anyway

I'm off out ship and making my own rules

Lets Go St.Johns and create our own rules

From a True Person, Real Recognize Real, Fake people Fail

Charles "Chuck Daddy" Onyeani

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