Monday, March 16, 2009

demons- Timy Plurrazzelo

I saw god in a hollow dome
Plastered to your neck
bloody down your arms
and all the faithful cried
the angels blinded the streets
the battered cross i hold deep inside of me
Is poking at my heart, ejecting all my pride
So now I choke on pain and spit out tar black lies
the people i have wronged, the words that lay unseen
the copper king undone, the holy grail dug deep.

And it just bites my wrists
it latches to my heart
it's turned my soul to ash
dragged on this lonely road
the light i used too see
has died in all my strive
with every waking word
and every honest sigh
I cry myself to sleep
echo the prayer of peace
because these days wont quit
just as these streets lay deep

And when that light ventures back
caught in my shattered past
i see my worries drain and all of my
thoughts turn sane, the scars upon
my flesh, have began to sew again
i rest my back down, exhale my worried breathes.
these demons sleep in me, when will they wake again.

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