Wednesday, March 4, 2009

David Weld's Sanctuary

So I went to David Weld's one day and saw the most beautiful scene I've ever seen, and tried to draw it, but ended up with this because of certain conditions. But it's the same exact scene as the next picture, just umm, in two different mindsets.

A few weeks later, I painted as much as I could remember, but things fade from your mind faster than you'd think, and even a picture of it didn't spark everything I saw that day, but still, it's a painting that sums up so many memories, not just that one day, 'cause so many memories took place there.

Also, it was my first time seriously painting, and I got so into it for the first time ever, stayed up all night painting it and got into Skeletal Lamping that night too. Such a great journey from process to process to finish.


  1. i love that cliff :) and that beaten up scrap metal whatever it is.

  2. i really like the whale in the second picture... well the water/sky that looks like a whale at least.

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