Monday, March 16, 2009

tin can heartbeats- Timy Plurrazzelo

Scattered we talked
your tangled tongue you wont give up
cradled calmly until you lay awake
from the tin can heart beat
and echoed cars from the streets
the cities lights dorm in your room

Love once struck me as right in a different time
now it rolls off of my tongue all the same
so now whenever you speak
it all sounds the same to me.

And as the calender days
wrinkle, wither away
some thing will seem more like home.
And through eyes paralyzed like the
change in the tides, you will realize nothing
stays forever, most things fade away
the weathering of your day to day
will put you to rest.

I've sat down and taken time
to consider that your crying
to be more than a selfish scene
now that it is truth when you speak
i can put my beliefs back in your tongue

You were right when you said
every man that has left either father or
stupid crush, has just stood up walked out
without question or doubt of who you really are
not the one drinking until she befriends the boards
cigarettes close like a child to her dolls
and ill ask you, is this what means the most to you?
is this what brings me close to you?
ask yourself sometimes soon.

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