Saturday, September 26, 2009

Working Title?- Timy Plurrazelo

My feet would have to talk for me,
for my mouth was to scared too move.
How could i conjure enough guts
just to even look at you. Such a
foreign feelings conquered me,
stitched a smile across my face.
Until this fear i've grown acquainted with
came and put me in my place.

I spent the last 6 days in a constant dream,
wishing it would stick with me, like a pety
prayer for peace locked in my grips without
relief. I turned a stranger into company, filling
voids deeper than graves. Your tales take
refuge in my veins, flowing through me like
the plague. Wish you'd relate to what i feel
and not so much with what i say.

Though i know well enough these thoughts
will go to waste, the urge to weave my dreams
to paper take me over every day. So i'll take
a far step back to counteract all the indecisive
pride, and try to focus on your heart, and not
so hard into your eyes. Construct a friendship
worth a lasting bond, than mold it into trust.
Swing at that wall you built around yourself
until your flooded in with love.

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