Saturday, April 18, 2009

Learn alot Today

Learn how to be me.
Without the whole fantasy gimmicks
Without the jokes
Love community service
Its fun
I went to the Chaplin home today
It was very fun
Did something that was for a good cause
That why I was tired
But tomorrow is going to be the same thing
Another Stress buster event
I'm so happy this is a tour I love this lifestyle
THe life style I wanted
Unwreckless one that only I can handle
If we where to reverse the roles you would be stuck
Stuck in the same mess you put yourself
I love my life style and noone can live it
But Me, Myself and I
Yes I did refer myself in 3rd person
I think its just me being cool
I dont act cool because it all natural
Like hitting a baseball with a baseball bat
Or even scoring a jumpshot
Or even just walking and posing like a model

Love me or Hate me
Hate my style
Hate my words
But you cant because I'm doing my thing
You are just idolizing me
Cocky no
Confident Yes
True words from a true person

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